Monday, April 20, 2015

CCTMC 2015 is HERE!

If you aren't in Charlotte, NC for the Critical Care Transport Medicine Conference this week, you're really missing out. Lots of heavy hitters from the #FOAMed community are on hand to speak and tweet this event all over the world. They also have fantastic exhibits, scientific forums and events. 

Tomorrow, April 21, I'll be speaking on cardiac complications during transport and the wonders of ketamine. Chances are you've found your way here from the link inside the presentation to get the show notes for the lectures. However you got here, thanks for stopping by. 

Now that this program is behind me, I plan to ramp up blog posts in advance of SMACC US coming up in June in Chicago.

"What's the Worst that Could Happen? Prevention, of Disaster During Cardiac Transports"

Show notes:
Presentation pdf:

"The Ketamine Polarization: Our Love/Hate Relationship with Special K"

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